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To find out if your address is in an area covered by SECOM Internet, enter your address in the “Search the Map” field below. If your address is within the blue shaded area then wireless service is available in your area. Call (800) 657-7149 today for an estimate!

Fiber Service Area

Below you will find a basic map of services that can help you immediately identify if our fiber services are available in your community. But don’t fret, if after looking at the map you are still unsure if we are a solution for your fiber needs, our friendly, local staff is just a phone call away (800) 657-7149. Our network is growing daily, so a quick call to us can ensure if a partnership with SECOM is an option.

**The orange line indicates our Fiber Optic footprint. If you are near this line you might qualify for our Fiber service – Please contact us at 800-657-7149 to get qualified

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