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Southern Colorado’s Fastest Internet Connections

Welcome to SECOM. We are Southern Colorado’s premier provider for fast and affordable internet, phone, and data services. We pride ourselves on providing quality, reliable services that improve your business and your home with easy online access.

Known for our signature fiber neighborhoods, SECOM is advancing the largest fiber network in Southern Colorado making us a unique internet provider and a key asset in business and residential communications.

Throughout Southern Colorado we are helping rural communities link to communication solutions that keep them connected to the web and those around them with innovative market connections.

Explore what SECOM has to offer...

Speed of Light Fiber Internet

Groundbreaking state-of-the-art technology on a private secure network!

SECOM has built Speed-Of-Light Internet Fiberhoods throughout Southeastern Colorado - Bringing technology that will connect homes AND businesses at speeds never before seen in our community! Call now for availability near you!

High Speed Wireless Internet

Speed, reliability and affordability make SECOM the area's most robust wireless provider. 

When you're on the move, SECOM Wireless helps you roam freely without losing a connection. Rely on us for portable, innovative ways to work together more effectively while staying connected. Easily connect to the information you need when you need it.

Quality Voice-Over-IP

Bundle our reliable Voice-over-IP Phone Service with any Commercial or Residential service package!

Offering you the best internet service makes add-ons like VoIP simple, easy, and affordable. SECOM customers rave about the service, its no wonder so many include SECOM VoIP as their phone carrier as well!

Fast, Affordable Home and Business Internet

SECOM Internet offers Unmatched Speed and Competitive Pricing!

SECOM is the only Internet Service Provider in Southeastern Colorado to bring affordable Fiber directly to your home! DSL and Cable simple can't compete with our transfer rates at home OR at work!

Why Choose SECOM?




Private, secure and locally owned infrastructure are what make the SECOM product extraordinary. No third parties. Only highly skilled professionals managing a superb product that delivers on demand. Accountability is why so many choose SECOM.

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SECOM's signature auto backtracking signal reroutes your service instantly in the event of a signal break without you ever knowing resulting in 99% uptime. Hospitals, schools, and emergency leaders who need the best use SECOM products.

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SECOM customer support operators live and work in the communities we serve. Operating locally allows SECOM to deliver personalized, friendly services that make us a neighborhood favorite in the event of a rare service issue.

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We believe everyone deserves service and we treat our rural customers with the same products and services that we offer our metro area customers. No community should be under-served and we make good to ensure our expansion and building takes place throughout all of Southern Colorado.

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Need service right away?  We have you covered. Our installation process averages 2-7 business days and makes your needs a priority unlike large companies that can take twice as long.

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Data delivery is our business and because of such we work hard to stay ahead of industry trends and changes. Once we make a service available we are happy to upgrade you at your request.  We are responsive and motivated to secure your best experience.

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Call (800) 657-7149 TODAY to join Southern Colorado's Fastest Internet Connection!

Around-the-Clock Customer Service

Because your service can’t wait, we offer 24-hour customer service for the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry.  SECOM is always there to make sure your connection is working at the speed of progress.