We Are Southeast Communications

SECOM is the broadband internet and telecommunications subsidiary of Southeast Colorado Power Association (SECPA), an electric power cooperative formed in 1937. SECOM has been providing competitive and innovative data transport solutions, based on high-speed fiber optic lines and equipment, since 1998. We own and maintain more than 1,300 miles of fiber throughout Southeastern Colorado, a number that is constantly growing as we expand in both area and penetration.

SECOM has pioneered a fully integrated “metro” ethernet platform, which provides access to subscribers on the same type of interface that a local area network uses and avoids extra WAN equipment.

In 2008, SECOM purchased Rural-Com and Plains Online, two local internet service providers, expanding our platform to include residential wireless broadband as well as dial-up internet services. We now provide broadband internet and WAN services to thousands of customers including homes, schools, libraries, government entities, telecoms, and other businesses.